Homemade food recipes

Homemade food recipes
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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Shahi Dessert Shahi Tukda


6 Bread slices (White or brown any)
1 cup milk
200 grams Nestle Sweet Condense milk
1 cup roasted almonds
2 tbsp Ghee/butter

Preparation Method:

1. Take the stack of bread slices and cut their edges.  After which you can cut them in desired shapes for your dessert.  Now heat a non stick pan or a skillet and put some ghee or butter to it.  Toast them till they are golden brown and crisp.

2. Now take another pan and boil milk on medium heat.  To it add the Nestle  sweet condense milk and mix well. The condense milk will melt with the milk and become liquid.  Keep mixing and cooking it until it becomes thick but runny.

3. Its time to assemble your dessert now.  Pour your mixture first and top it with your crunchy toasts.  Now add another layer of the mixture and garnish with roasted almonds.  You may sprinkle some crushed nuts as well and serve.


Radhika Vasanth said...

Happy to follow your blog. Landed here from pinterest and I am loving the recipes you have posted here.

Chowringhee Karol Bagh said...

Fantastic and very interesting tasty..Loving it.
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